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In search of Jody Maxwell...

Jody Maxwell courtesy of Jody’s Facebook page
Jody Maxwell
courtesy of Jody’s Facebook page

Known as "The Singing Cocksucker from Missouri", Jody Maxwell made her very first film Portrait, with my father in 1974. She then established herself as an adult film star of Porn’s “Golden Age”. 7 years later, she appeared in The Satisfiers of Alpha Blue. I have not seen Jody since I was 15 years old, while working on the set of that film during pre-production.

When we arrived in Kansas City, Missouri, none of our leads panned out, and we were forced to get back on the road, without finding the elusive "Singing Cocksucker". I will continue the search for her, as she was one of my father's favorite performers, and I would love to hear what she has to say about her experiences with him.

Next stop, Hollywood California, to see the Queen of them all, Ms. Georgina Spelvin.

(To be continued)

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