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Nov 11, 2022




About the Theater

De Studio is a creative hub based at the Mechelseplein in the heart of Antwerp. At De Studio, children and young adults are spectators as well as artists/creators. In 2011, the Province of Antwerp bought the building that used to house the famous drama and acting school Studio Herman Teirlinck. The arts organization Villanella acquired the long lease of the building. It was renamed De Studio and in addition to that new name, Villanella also gave it a new focus: theatre, cinema, music, literature, dance, parties, debates,… De Studio is a unique venue where every lover of performing arts feels at home. Today, De Studio provides space and support to, among others, Theater FroeFroe, Laika, De Spiegel, fABULEUS, ZEBARBAR, Compagnie Barbarie and Theater Artemis. Artists turn their dreams into reality at De Studio, in order to blow the audience’s mind. 24/7.